Power Construction Equipment

These days, the list of construction tasks that can be performed with the assistance of a small motorised appliance seems almost endless. Whether it’s mixing cement, compacting aggregate, smoothing poured concrete or compressing air, it seems there’s an appliance powered by a small motor for completing the task. While the heart of these appliances may be the small internal combustion engine that provides the power, they all use different drive units for delivering that power. Some use direct drive, some a centrifugal clutch and others a flexible drive. Each requires expert training to maintain and repair. Hempfield Small Motors is your one stop shop for selecting, buying, maintaining and repairing small motorised construction appliances.

Honda Drive Units

Honda Drive Units are a popular solution for powering a wide variety of appliances, such as concrete vibrators and submersible pumps that are driven by flexible couplings. At Hempfield we not only stock Honda’s range of petrol and diesel drive units, but can advise you on the best unit for your needs, and keep it in peak condition throughout its hard-worked life.

Cement Mixers, Compactors & Trowels

Our cement mixers, compactors and concrete trowel machines are the best in the business. Whether you are a home handyman, equipping yourself for a small job, or a contractor needing a powerful road saw, we have the appliance for you. Our cement mixers range from ½ horsepower to the capacious 6 ft3 petrol powered CM600A, and we have powered trowels to match.

Earth Augers

Our earth augers include the Tanaka and the Oleo-Mac ranges. They feature both one- and two-man operation, and their two-stroke engines deliver excellent torque, a prerequisite for digging in a wide range of earth conditions.

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