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YANMAR 3TNV 13-83 HP Diesel Engine

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TNV Series (13.4 – 83.8mhp)

The new TNV Series engines delivers a host of new features to bring the acclaimed ‘clean and silent’ TNE Series to a whole new performance level. Meaning Total New Value, the Yanmar TNV Series offers a range of new engine improvements to make these popular work horses even more efficient, more quiet and more refined than ever.

The smaller Indirect Injection (IDI) engines have been made more efficient with Yanmar Researchers improving engine combustion by altering flow mixing of air and fuel while a new, more compact in-line fuel injection pump has been developed for the TNV Series for faster fuel control and lower emissions.

The larger Direct Injection (DI) engines have also seen a makeover. Uneven atomisation of fuel in the combustion chamber has been reduced by changing the angle of the injector nozzle. A greater swirl effect in the combustion chamber has been achieved to increase the fluid energy of the air and fuel charge plus a new MP fuel injection pump delivers high injection pressure and more even injection between the cylinders. Uniform atomisation is further enhanced with a more perforated fuel injection nozzle and engine noise is minimised with an optimised cylinder block and muffler design.

TNE is now the new TNV delivering Total New Value for Yanmar diesel owners.

Water Cooled by Radiator
Vertical Multi Cylinder
Most models Direct Injection (lower hp models IDI)


Max Output
(hp @ rpm)

Bore x Stroke


Dry Weight

2TNV7013.4 @ 360070 x 740.5773
3TNV7021.5 @ 360070 x 740.85487
3TNV7626.1 @ 360076 x 821.11694
3TNV82A29.4 @ 300082 x 841.331112
3TNV84T39.0 @ 280084 x 901.496142
3TNV8836.3 @ 300088 x 901.642138
4TNV84T55.3 @ 300084 x 901.995165
4TNV8847.5 @ 300088 x 902.19160
4TNV9868.5 @ 250098 x 1103.319235(SAE#4)
4TNV98T83.8 @ 250098 x 1103.319245(SAE#)

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