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Diesel Engines

Diesel engines have long enjoyed favour among utility users for their longevity, dependability and cool running characteristics and these days, diesel engines are not the coarse, smoke-belching devices they used to be. Advances in fuel injection and improvements in combustion chamber swirl have refined the small diesel engine, making it a practical proposition wherever a compact engine is required for long periods of continuous running. Provided it receives the right maintenance, today’s diesel engine will give years of trouble-free service.

At Hempfield Small Motors, we carry a wide range of diesel engines, including Kohler, Robin, Lister, Yanmar air cooled, water cooled and TNV units. Power outputs range from 4 to 83hp, and starting mechanisms include both electric and recoil systems. While most of our diesel engines feature direct injection, the Yanmar TNV Series of diesel engines uses indirect injection, together with advanced combustion chamber design to achieve unprecedented power and economy and a cleaner burn, giving lower particulate emissions and smoother, quieter running characteristics.

Whatever the application you need to power, come and tell us about it, and we will be sure to recommend the right unit for you. Our staff are highly trained and are accredited to maintain all the makes of small diesel engine in peak operating condition.

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