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Nobody knows water pumps like Hempfield Small Motors. We have a range of petrol and diesel powered units that are suitable for every task, whether it be fighting fires, irrigation, drainage, general purpose cleaning or removal of contaminated water.

For power, we rely on three of the most trusted names in the small petrol motor field – Honda, Briggs and Stratton/Vanguard and Yamaha. These manufacturers have decades of experience in designing and configuring petrol engines to deliver power band characteristics ideally suited to the different roles they perform, while running continuously for extended periods.

Our water pumps include models featuring such extras as spark arrestors, dual filters for protection in heavily contaminated air, easy priming and much more. The impellers of our drainage and trash water pumps are designed to handle solids of up to 25mm. And when blockages do occur, the easy clearance feature on our drainage and trash pumps keeps down time to an absolute minimum.

When you have to choose a water pump, the sheer number of models on offer makes it easy to end up with a machine that isn’t ideal for your purposes. That’s where our experience and integrity make such a difference. Come to us, tell us what you need from your pump, and we’ll make sure you leave with the ideal pump for your needs.

Like all the products we distribute, our Yamaha, Vanguard and Honda water pumps come with our unrivalled after sales service. Our maintenance team are highly trained and accredited to repair and service these appliances, ensuring that our customers enjoy many years of trouble free service from their pump.

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