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Petrol Engines

As well as our class-leading motorised appliances, at Hempfield Small Motors we also sell standalone small petrol motors made by the leading names in the business.

We carry the Robin range of small petrol engines, which extends from the diminutive EY115, offering 3.5hp from a horizontal single cylinder layout, to the muscular 14hp EX40, with centrifugal flyweight governor system.

Briggs and Stratton has been a name to contend with for as long as small portable internal combustion engines have been made. Their Vanguard range of engines extends from 4hp to the twin cylinder, electric start model, featuring an aluminium alloy block for lightness, with Dura-bore cast iron sleeve.

Completing our line-up of respected small petrol engine manufacturers, we have the Kohler range. Featuring unburstable reliability, these work horses range from the 20hp CH620, to the 26hp CH752.

The team at Hempfield Small Motors are fully trained to repair and maintain all these engines, assuring our customers of years of dependable service.

For sales & service call 9451 4833.

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