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At Hempfield Small Motors Perth we supply a range of Honda Earth Augers including the PPHD-V2 & PPHD-VI Honda Earth Augers. Both of these units are built to make the time consuming and the difficul job of digging holes efficient and less labour intensive! Reduce the toll on your physical workload and improve on the speed of your job. These units are perfect for all landscaping operations and for all manner of fencing, building and agricultural jobs.

Other features of the PPHD-V2 include; a safety clutch gearbox, to improve handling (especially when striking hidden objects beneath the surface), a side mounted engine to eliminate inhaling exhaust gas, and comfortable rubber grips for prolonged use.

If you need advice regarding Earth Augers, speak to one of our many experts here at Hempfield Small Motors Perth and get in touch with us today at (08) 9451 4833.

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