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Australia is a big country, and much of its development takes place in locations where mains power is simply not available. And it’s worth noting that one of the most power-hungry aspects of Australia’s infrastructure development is welding. Typical welding techniques require currents of between 100 and 350 amps. A standalone power supply must be stable and dependable. And, like any portable appliance, it must be as light as possible. That means using the best diesel or petrol engines, mated to the latest and most sophisticated semiconductor technology.

At Hempfield Small Motors, we stock petrol and diesel welder generators for every application. Powered by established leaders in the field like Honda, our generators represent excellent value for money, and are the choice of Western Australia’s professional contractors.

When you are looking for a standalone welder generator, the breadth of choice on the market can be very daunting. It’s easy either to end up spending more than you need to meet your needs, or choosing a cheaper model and finding that it isn’t quite up to the job. But when you come to Hempfield Small Motors, you get the benefit of our years of experience, and our commitment to integrity. We listen to our customers’ needs, and recommend the unit that most economically meets them.

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