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Honda is one of the world’s most respected small engine manufacturers, known for their innovation, quality and performance. Honda has become the small engine of choice, suitable for a number of applications including commercial lawnmowers, generators and industrial equipment. At Hempfield Small Motors we are proud to be Perth’s leading supplier of Honda small engines, choose from our full range of petrol engines below including the Honda GX Series and the Honda GP Engine range. Our team is trained and accredited to provide repair, maintenance and after-sales service for each and every small engine we sell.

HONDA GX Engine Series

All around the world professionals rely on the Honda GX Engine Series to get the job done. Known for their reliability, low maintenance and fuel efficiency, the GX range of small engines are used in multiple industries and products including agricultural and construction applications, As well as commercial Lawnmowers and gardening equipment. At Hempfield Small Motors we stock a wide range of Honda GX engines, starting with the Honda GX120, a 3.5 horsepower single-cylinder engine, and going up in size to the Honda GX690, a V-twin engine producing a meaty 27 horsepower.

HONDA GP Engine Series

The Honda GP Engine is one of the most affordable in the Honda small engine range and ideal for use in most domestic applications. Renowned for its ease of use and fuel efficiency, the Honda GP Engine is used commonly for lightweight applications around the home such as generators and pressure washers.

Looking for a premium grade Honda Small Engine? contact us at Hempfield Small Motors at (08) 9451 4833 and enquire about our small engine products today!

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