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Diesel Water Pumps

When you need a water pump to operate for extended periods, perhaps in conditions where there is a risk of fire, there really is no substitute for diesel power. At Hempfield Small Motors, we carry Perth’s best selection of diesel powered water pumps, with models suitable for drainage, irrigation, insecticide delivery, contaminated water transfer pumping or fire fighting.

At Hempfield Small Motors, we have decades of experience in supplying and servicing small diesel powered water pumps. We carry the best makes in the field, with power from established greats like Honda.

When you’re buying a small diesel powered water pump, the sheer breadth of choice that confronts you can be daunting. Too often, buyers either end up spending more than they need to, to meet their needs, or coming home with a machine that is not really up to the job. That is where Hempfield Small Motors’ experience and integrity make all the difference. We want our customers to come back to us time after time, so we listen to their needs carefully, and recommend the model that will give them the best combination of price and performance.

And when we sell a diesel water pump, it’s just the start of our service. At Hempfield Small Motors we take special pride in our after sales service. Our technicians are highly trained, and have the skills to maintain our customers’ machinery in peak condition, giving many years of trouble-free service.

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