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At Hempfield Small Motors Perth we stock leaf blowers & blower vacs that are good at, well, blowing. These high performing, efficient petrol blowers can make short work of a messy garden or street and keep them neat and tidy across all seasons.

Handheld Leaf Blowers

The Tanaka THB-251 (Hand Held Blower) & TBL-4600 (Backpack Blower) are also extremely durable and powerful Blowers in their own right! Packing a 2-stroke motor with 24cc and 44cc respectively, it can make tough blowing jobs incredibly simple and can half your cleaning-up time!

Looking for a premium grade Leaf Blower or Vacuum? contact us at Hempfield Small Motors at (08) 9451 4833 and enquire about our small engine products today!

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