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Diesel Generators

For applications that require long periods of continuous running, it’s hard to beat diesel, and generators are a prime example. Hempfield Small Motors have a selection of diesel generators unrivalled by any supplier in Perth. Today’s generators feature highly stable output, matched by advanced fuel system and combustion chamber design that delivers clean and quiet running characteristics.

At Hempfield Small Motors we cover the entire range of standalone portable power generation, from small 1kva Honda generators designed primarily for camping and leisure use, to the 6kVA UYD6E, and including the latest designs of inverter generators. We also stock a range of silenced generators that offer peace and quiet for your holiday. Our diesel generators feature both recoil and electric start, and are designed for long periods of continuous running. And we really do understand standalone power generation – bring us the specifications of your application, and we will help you select the right unit for your needs. And when you buy a generator from us whether it be petrol or diesel, it’s just the start of our relationship. Our staff are highly trained, and factory accredited in all aspects of the machinery that we sell, so you can rely on us for the maintenance, repair and support you need to keep your generator in peak condition and delivering a stable power output for many years to come.

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