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Commercial Rail Equipment

Keeping today’s high speed railway systems in operation is far from easy. The stresses of thermal expansion and contraction demand that the cutting and welding of rail sections must be done with hair’s breadth accuracy if failure is to be avoided. Add to that the fact that down time is expensive and disruptive. Ideally, repairs need to be done between trains, so that schedule integrity is maintained. All this calls for power tools of the highest quality. And that’s what you’ll find at Hempfield Small Motors.

At Hempfield Small Motors we carry three power tools guaranteed to keep your maintenance operation on the rails and running smoothly.

Rail Grinders & Saws

We have the K1250 rail saw, with its RA10 cutting guide attachment, that ensures a perfectly true cut every time. This powerful, portable saw is the perfect tool for fast, accurate rail repairs.

Impact Wrenches

For a powerful, portable impact wrench, look no further than our GT3500. With its perfect balance and hand-started 2.5hp two-stroke motor, this machine is reliable and powerful.

Next, we have the MP12, diesel rail grinder. With a choice of L48 Yanmar or DY27DU Robin diesel power, this is the ideal tool for keeping rails in perfect trim.

The Tanaka commercial Impact Wrench can be operated at any angle. It has a reduction gearbox giving maximum useable torque.

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