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Hempfield Small Motors Perth currently stock two very powerful engine drills both designed by Tanaka, these include the; TED-262HS High Speed Engine Drill & TED-272RS Engine Drill (with Revers).

These engine drills aren’t used exclusively for boring holes, the combination of design and features make them versatile machines fit for many purposes. The reverse gears even allow you to lift the drill out of a tricky spot. They’re capable of digging in almost any type of surface, including your lawn, rocky soil or even on frozen ground. The Tanaka engine drills combine powerful torque with design comfortability through its light-weight build to ensure that you are completing your jobs at optimum efficiency!

For more information regarding our Engine Drills or to speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives, contact Hempfield Small Motors Perth today at (08) 9451 4833.

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