Petrol & Diesel High Pressure Cleaners

At Hempfield Small Motors, we carry appliances for every task, including the delivery of water under high pressure, either for cleaning, or for hydrostatic testing of plumbing and drainage systems. Like all our products, the range of high pressure washers we stock is extensive, including both diesel and petrol powered models, and ranging from the light, handy, Honda-powered BAR2550G-H 4013R, which delivers up to 15 litres per minute and a pressure of up to 4,000 psi.

The number of high pressure washers and testing appliances on sale in Perth is so great that it’s easy to end up being sold a unit that isn’t ideal for your task. That’s where our experience and integrity come in. We listen to what our customers tell us about the jobs they typically undertake and recommend the machine best suited. As with all the products we carry at Hempfield, selling a high pressure washer or hydrostatic tester is just the start. We offer unrivalled after-sales service. Our highly trained staff are accredited to repair and maintain all the appliances we sell, to ensure that they keep on performing at their peak, year after year.

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