The earth auger is a technical name used to describe a machine that can screw earth upwards while getting rid of soil from the ground. There are several types of augers, each serving different purposes. There are augers, that can be used to lift up ice for instance, move liquid around or even remove drain blockages.

When buying an earth auger for the first time, note that a new earth auger can come as an attachment. This means one must fit it onto the front of other machines for it to work. It may also come as a separate tool, which means you can use it just the way it is. Read on to find out more about earth augers and how to use them.

Traditional use and improvements

Earth augers have been around since the beginning of agriculture. It is in fact hard to come up with a precise date or year in history when the first earth auger was invented. It can however be confidently stated that augers have undergone lots of improvements.

Centuries ago, there were small and sizeable augers used to make holes on wooden surfaces or make small holes on the ground. The basic design has not changed much. The concept too hasn’t changed. The improvements have only resulted to more advanced augers which serve different purposes. As already hinted, there are some that are used as earth diggers. But that’s not all. There are much more varieties such as augers used as seed screws or as post home cutters. They all come with user manuals, so you can have an easy time using your desired auger.

Earth augers for gardening and oil extraction

Avid gardeners may find some earth augers indispensible. The augers simply save a lot of time and energy. They come in handy when one needs to remove earth from the ground with ease. It is of course, a smart idea to use an earth auger to move ground from vegetable patches for purposes of planning large bulbs into the soil. One can also use the augers to extract oil samples which can be taken for lab tests to determine the level of acidity.

Larger earth augers

The said improvements have come in handy in the mining industry especially where oil and water drilling are concerned. There are now large augers used to drill deeper into the ground for extraction of different minerals. They use counterweight method, which is a form of drilling technology that allows the augers to punch with more power as they are driven deeper into the ground. Such augers are powered by sizeable batteries.

Large earth augers are often described as power tools. In fact, the aforementioned augers used to drill oil and water can be easily classified as heavy duty machines. The concept or rather the technology used to control the augers means that one can use them to remove the desired amount of soil from the ground. This means it can be easy for one to tilt the ground for gardening, make holes for posts or extract minerals during mining.