Any sort of machine wears out with time, let alone a lawn mower. But if you perform scheduled maintenance, and utilize the machine in the right way, your lawn mower can certainly last longer. Let’s see how to tackle this maintenance project:

When it’s time to pull the lawn mower out


As the mowing season begins, you need to take into account a few things that literally dictate efficient performance of lawn mowers in Perth.

  • Check the mower thoroughly for any kind of damage. A dent on the power cord or the pull starter cord can be dangerous, and it should be replaced immediately.
  • If you did not sharpen the blades while storing the mower in the odd winter season, make sure to do it, before using it for the first time. If used in a blunt condition, the blades may not last long enough.
  • In case you have a 4-stroke gas lawn mower, check for the oil level. Do not try to choke the machine with not enough fuel in it, as that can take a toll on the engine.
  • For 2-stroke engine, make sure to prepare a blend of 2-cycle oil and fresh gasoline in the ratio suggested by the manual.
  • Check for old clippings under the mowing deck, and carefully scrape it off using a plastic knife. Next time when you use the mower, make sure to rub it off before it dries, since these clippings can corrode metallic decks and also affect the airflow.

When it’s time to use the lawn mower

Using a lawn mower efficiently comes with an effective maintenance program, which includes these tasks.

  • A test ride to ensure that the chain drives and belts are well intact.
  • If the engine of your mower is manually controlled, make sure it is correctly adjusted.
  • In order to avoid overheating of engine, remove debris and dust from the cooling fins of engine after every use.
  • Scrape off the junk clipped material under the deck.

When it’s time to store the lawn mower

As you prepare your lawn mower for winter storage, there are few things to consider:

  • If you have a 4-stroke engine mower, dispose off the old engine oil and pour in the fresh one before storing.
  • Carefully dislocate the spark plug, and pour some oil into the cylinder. Then pull the starter cord slowly to make sure that the oil is uniformly spread across the movable parts. This is important, since some of the parts can freeze over storage time.
  • To the fuel tank of your gas mower, add stabilizer, and allow the engine to keep running till the fuel burns out.
  • If the air filter of the carburetor is made of paper, replace it with a fresh one. For foam filters, make sure to wash it and apply engine oil. Dry it by squeezing and reinstall.
  • A lawn mower should be stored in a properly ventilated place, where there is no water leakage, and is absolutely dry.  Put a plastic covering beneath the deck to avoid moisture from oxidizing the base.