No matter where you live, summer can be really hard on your garden! The combination of hot and dry can leave your plants drying out before they even get a chance to reach their full potential.


Here are a few tips on how to keep your garden thriving throughout these hotter months!


Add Mulch


Mulch is made from a range of organic matter including shredded wood, straw, grass and leaves. Adding mulch to your plants in summer is a great way to lock in the moisture that your garden needs. It helps conserve the water around plants roots in three ways. Firstly it protects the soil from the sun’s heat and reduces evaporation of water. Secondly it prevents weeds from growing that would compete with your plant’s water supply and lastly, it keeps the soil cooler.


Summer plants

Choose plants that like the warmer climate and benefit from a lot of sun. There are plenty of native and water-wise plants that would flourish in the hot weather. Also, vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, okra and sweet potatoes benefit from the sun and are all great ingredients for a summertime salad.


Healthy & Responsible Watering Routine


Obviously watering is very important especially in heat waves. Make sure you are watering regularly and for longer intervals. The best time to water is the coolest time of day, usually early morning or evening. Watering at these times is the best way to avoid evaporation.


Add Some Shade To Your Garden


If your plants do prefer cooler weather then often installing some shade is a great way to help your plant through the warmer months. There is a range of shade cloths, tarpaulin and shade sails on the market that is a great solution to blocking direct sunlight. These options are especially great for vegetables who love the sun but just not too much of it.


Care For Your Pot plants


Don’t let yourself forget about those pot plants. They are very vulnerable to overheating especially those in terracotta pots. Pot plants don’t have the option of sinking their roots deeper for water so that is why it is so very important you take care of them in summer. Try to position all of your pot plants out of the hot noon sun. You can also add a saucer under the pot and fill it up with water for the daytime. Just be careful to take caution and remove it before nightfall so you don’t attract any pests that could affect the lifespan of your pot plants.



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