Lawnmowers make a garden breathtakingly beautiful. More often than not, we see it as a huge equipment that does the cutting of the grasses to make a garden the perfect space where everyone can simply spend an afternoon tea with friends or a great dinner with family. Inside this huge equipment, however, are small components that make it work. You have to be familiar about each component. In this page, you will know more about air filters in lawnmowers.

There are different types of air filters for lawnmowers

Knowing about air filter in lawnmowers will actually start by learning that there are different types of air filters available. The first type is the foam filter and the second is the paper air filter. The third type is actually a combination of the first two. Depending on the brand of lawnmower you are using, you will get different types of air filters in the market.

There is a specific function performed by air filters

Despite the different types of air filters for lawn mowers, you have to remember that these small components perform the same function. If we can put its function into simpler terms, the air filter will be defined as that small engine component that helps keep all bad things out of the lawnmower’s engine so it can work better. It then gets rid of dirt and debris before they even get into the equipment.

There is a specific requirement as to how often you should have your air filter replaced

There is a specific tune-up time required for lawnmowers. Usually, this is scheduled every spring time by many homeowners. Whilst this is the case, it is best to replace your air filters every three months or after using the lawnmower for a total of 25 hours, whichever comes first. For those air filters with both foam and paper, the cartridge should be replaced for every 100 hours of use.

There are specific instances though when your air filter may need replacement that is more frequent than the usual. In case the lawnmower is exposed to dusty conditions, more frequent replacement is required. If you are quite unsure, you will need to refer to your lawnmower’s operating manual. It will also be good to note safety precautions recommended when it comes to air filter replacement.

Some other things to know about air filters

If there is one important thing that you should remember when it comes to air filters in lawnmowers, that will be the fact that you should make sure that the air filter is in place before you start the equipment. Otherwise, the lawnmower’s engine will be prone to damage. Additionally, if you do not replace the air filter of your engine, expect decreased engine performance as well as reduced fuel efficiency which can shorten engine lifespan.

Now that you have come to know more facts about air filters in lawnmowers, you will be able to make your equipment operate and perform at its very best. Make sure you purchase only from recognised dealers of lawnmowers in Perth like Hempfield Small Motors!