There is no doubt about it – a high end or value priced home complete with a well maintained hedge and lawn will easily strike a good first impression. It will therefore become easy for the homeowner to cash in on his or her home in the real estate market or simply entertain guests. But before all that happens, the hedge must be trimmed. Grass on the lawn must be cut. That simply means that you will need a few lawn and hedge maintenance tools. Read on to learn more about such tools and why you must always have some of them.

Hedge trimmers

Pruners and hand garden shears are certainly the best option as far as maintaining small hedges is concerned. They are also more reliable when it comes to trimming extremely twiggy branches. They are also easy to use and inexpensive. On the other hand though, they are cumbersome. They feel heavy after hours or use. That is where diesel and electric powered shears and trimmers come into the picture. They offer a quicker and more efficient solution.

A light duty, diesel or electric powered hedge trimmer can clear larger amounts of bushes with thicker growths and heavier branches. Note that trimmers differ in sizes. The best ones in the market feature 13 to 14 blades.

Brush cutters

Brush cutters

They come in different designs and colors. Just like hedge trimmers they can be gas or electric powered. The sizes differ depending on how powerful the bush cutter in question is. The bicycle handle bush cutter for instance is ideal for small scale use on fairly flat grounds. It is designed to clear low level weed and grass. Then there is the loop hand brush cutter, which is ideal for steeper grounds and areas that feature lots of hidden obstacles. Both types boast of fine control, ease of use and the ability to quickly change directions as soon as one spots a stubborn obstacle.

Lawn mowers

There are several types of lawn mowers, use for the same purpose – mowing the lawn. The difference lies in torque power, ease of use and design. But as far as all types of lawn mowers are concerned, the rotary push lawn mower stands out as the most reliable one. It can either be electric or diesel powered. Designed to clear dandelions and weeds, they boast of motorized or rather self-propelled wheels for easy maneuvering. Only ride on mowers stand out as ideal alternatives to rotary push lawn mowers mainly because of the fact that one can sit on them while working on the lawn.


This is where chainsaws and handsaws come into the picture. You will need to use them at one point or another while trimming the hedge. Both electric and diesel powered handsaws and chainsaws are easy to use, so you need not to worry about how to use them. The only thing you need to worry about is selecting the right chain blade and chain size. You may also have to be keen with a few safety issues. Simply wear the right protective gear and already read the safety instructions that come with each hedge or lawn maintenance tool you intend to use.