What happens when one of your most vital tools -that helps keep your lawn in the perfect shape- develops a few setbacks? Well, lawnmower problems is something that is experienced by many people. Therefore, there is no cause for alarm as you can deal with some of these problems. First of all, you need to know that lawnmower maintenance is important for optimal functionality. The only thing that you cannot avoid is wear and tear as it naturally occurs over time. Good maintenance only helps make the machine durable. Here are lawnmower problems that you can solve.

Failure to start


Many lawnmowers experience this kind of problem. Funny enough, the reason behind this is usually an empty tank. In that case, you may want to check the machine’s tank to see if you need a refill. If it does not cross your mind that the tank is empty, you may end up frustrated for no reason. Old gas is another reason that can cause startup issues. It is always advisable to drain the old gas (if it has been there for long) and make a new refill. Other possible causes for startup issues include disconnected spark plug, untidy air filter and fuel failure to reach the engine.

Hard and rigid starter rope

Your lawnmower has an engine flywheel brake. This is actually the bar that you hold down on the handle to stop the engine upon releasing it. If the flywheel has been engaged, you are likely to have a rigid starter rope that is either stuck or hard to pull. You can simply solve this problem by taking the bar down all the way to its handle prior to pulling. This will loosen the starter rope and get rid of rigidness. In addition, a mower blade that drags in grass also causes starter rope rigidness due to clogging. You can get rid of the clog by clearing the underside of the mower.

Power loss when mowing

The reasons that cause power loss when moving are untidy air filters, cutting tall grass, excessive buildup of debris and a dirty spark plug. Therefore, you can clean the air filters or replace them. If you are cutting long grass, you should increase the cutting height on the machine for effective operation. Dirty spark plugs can either be cleaned or replaced.

Presence of smoke

The presence of smoke when mowing may perplex but you need fear anything as it not usually a serious issue. Smoking in the lawnmower is triggered by an oil chamber that is too full. In other cases, leakage of oil in the machine’s exhaust can also produce smoke. This happens when you tilt the machine to its side. However, when you notice lighter smoke (usually colored) and keep on experiencing performance issues, you need to call in repair technicians for lawnmowers In Perth. A professional inspection will help you get to the root of the problem and find an effective solution.

Lawnmowers require regular maintenance for effective performance. If you experience any of these problems, you can apply the things you have learn to tackle the issue and proceed on with moving.