You can avoid an early “death” for your lawn mower by knowing what it takes to keep it smoothly running and giving it the best maintenance services. However, lack of preventative measures to regularly maintain the lawn mower may change the whole story. Maintaining it does not require you to be an expert mechanic. A few simple tips that keep your lawn mower in Perth buzzing for long time are the absolute remedy for you. As you read on, you will encounter these easy-to-get ideas.


1. Check the manual

Manuals are there to give you guideline on how to operate the lawn mower and maintain it. Manufacturers have one goal in mind when including manuals in the lawn mower packages – giving you the best mowing experience and durable services so you may buy another one from them a decade down the line. A decade sounds awfully long for a lawn mower to beat the odds. Reading the manual will absolutely prove you wrong one this one.

2. Draining gasoline

Whenever a lawn mower stalls, chances are there is an old gasoline in the system. Therefore, when wrapping up the mowing activity or season for that matter ensure you drain away old gasoline and put in a new one. Old gas drainage and replacement with a fresh gas will keep your lawn mower in a good shape. When you need its services for a particular occasion, it will not disappoint by you stalling.

3. Oil monitoring

Sometimes debris ends up floating on the oil and as such, you ought to keenly examine the oil level to ensure this does not become the case. Prompt replacement of old contaminated oil is necessary in the event there it exists in the lawn mower. By locating the drain plug underneath the mower and letting to completely drain, you can get rid of it and make replacement. Essentially, refer to your manual for the recommended type of oil for you lawnmower.

4. Undercarriage cleanness

Mowers have a discharge chute. Unfortunately, when you are mowing grass is likely to pile up in the undercarriage and culminate into clogging at the discharge chute. Wire brushes are ideal for scrapping grass clippings and any form of dirt from the undercarriage. Spraying the leftover debris with a hose leaves the lawnmower in a perfectly good condition.

5. Status of the air filter

The major reason why many lawn mowers burn gas less efficiently is due to clogging at the air filters. Dirty air causes much stress on the mower hindering its performance. It is easy to access the air filters as they are in the form of paper or foam and the good part is inexpensive replacement. When you make replacement annually, the lawn mower will be at its optimal.

6. Sharpening blade

Mower blades put up with so much kinky grass, hard rocks and other hidden objects. Dull blade will only reap and tear the grass instead of making a nice clean cut. Optionally, you can sharpen your own blade by use of vice and metal fife. Even better, you can take it to a mower repair shop and let the workers to do the sharpening for you at a good price.