Mowing your lawn is a great way to keep your garden breathtakingly beautiful. One thing that you may be concerned about when it comes to this process, though, is to know how often it is you should mow the lawn. Sometimes, you think that lawn mowing can be done every week. Others may think it will be good to do so every month. In order to understand lawn mowing frequency, consider the following.

It depends on some factors

Mowing your lawn will depend upon a host of factors like the time of the year, the lawn’s health and of course, the type of lawn that you have. The growth rate of the grass to be mowed should also be considered in this regard. Do not forget to consider who makes use of the lawn and how tidy you want it to look. On top of all these factors, you have to make sure that your lawn mowing frequency will not deviate from the so-called lawn care practise.

Mow your lawn if you want to prevent the lawn from being damaged

Lawn Mowing

Forgetting to mow your lawn regularly will result to lawn damage. Just the same, however, too much lawn mowing can be hazardous to the lawn’s health. Remember that the lawn crowns can grow very high and when you forget to mow it, the lawn will appear untidy. You have to make sure though that when you mow your lawn, you do not do it in just one mowing. This will put the lawn in shock and will damage the entire area. Even if you want to remove all the leaves or debris that may have fallen into it, you should never do the mowing excessively.

Mow your lawn when you want to control the growth of weeds on it

One of the many reasons for you to mow your lawn is to control the weed that grows over it. The frequency of doing so will depend on how often the weeds grow over the lawn. Make sure that mowing will be done to prevent seed heads to fall and then grow back as weeds that will damage the look of the lawn.

Mowing should be done more regularly if you have hybrid lawns

Hybrid lawns are noted to have the ability to repair themselves which means they can get back into tip top shape even if they are damaged. They have faster growth rates though when compared to all other types of lawns. Due to this characteristic, it is best to mow lawns more regularly than when you mow other types of lawns.

The time of year affects lawn mowing frequency

Considering the time of year, it is recommended that four weekly mowing should be done during winter. Two weekly cuttings, on the other hand, should be done in summer. When you have followed this frequency in lawn mowing practise, your lawn will always be in good health.

Choosing from the many lawnmowers in Perth and getting the correct one will help you achieve better results when beautifying your lawn. Make sure you ask advice as to how regular you should mow your lawn when you purchase these machines.