Hedgecutters are essential in maintaining just the right hedges and bushes in your garden. Well, there are many of these tools out there and when you are looking forward to buy one that will help you with your gardening job, you might end up confused as to which amongst the many brands out there will suit your requirements. In order to make your job a whole lot easier, here are things to remember when buying hedgecutters.

Consider the height of your hedges


This is one of the factors to consider when it comes to buying a hedgecutter. Alongside this, you should also consider the thickness of your hedges. The reason behind why the height and thickness of your hedges matter all boils down to the fact that these two factors can influence you with regards the features to consider when buying hedgecutters.

There are three main types of hedgecutters in the market

These ones are categorised further according to their power source or what can be used in order to make the tool work. One type is called the electric hedgecutter which are considered the cheapest, lightest and smallest amongst all types of hedgecutters. In order for them to work, they have to be connected to any of the electric sources in your home (or in your garden if there is an electric socket out there). You can trust this type of hedgecutter if you have a small or medium-sized home.

Another type is the cordless hedgecutter. This one is battery-operated and normally makes lesser noise when compared to all other types of hedgecutters. If you intend to purchase this type, you have to make sure that you have charged it before using it. Then there are the petrol hedgecutters. These ones can cut thicker branches and leaves but they can make more noise when compared to the first two types.

There are yet other things to take into account when buying hedgecutters

One of which is to be familiar with cable lengths. Take note that amongst all other types of hedgecutters, you will need longer cables for electric versions. In fact, you will even need an extension cable depending on where your power source is located. You will also need to take a look at the gaps in between teeth blades. In this regard, you have to remember that the smaller the gaps between teeth blades, the smaller the branches you can cut. If you need to work with larger branches then you will need a hedgecutter with a larger cut width or teeth gap.

You also have to take the blade length into account when purchasing hedgecutters. More often than not, it is recommended that you get one with longer teeth blades since these cutters can cut your hedge cutting job in a fraction of the usual time.

These are but a few things to remember when purchasing hedgecutters. Of course, on top of all these, you must also give regard to the safety features of the product. For more about the perfect hedgecutters to purchase, simply browse through our pages!