If you are considering buying a compactor, you need to make sure that you make a good purchase based upon your compacting needs. Compactors are often known as balers and choosing the right type is important. Too underpowered and the compactor is always at risk of burning out its motor or just not being up to the job. While on the other hand, a compactor that is too powerful could cost you a lot of money and as you go over on specifications, you will never get a good return on your investment.

Take time to talk to the experts

You can get great free advice from specialist dealers who offer compactors and other similar professional equipment at great prices. The professional will be able to understand your needs and suggest the best compactor that responds to your needs. You should make sure that you explain exactly what material you are planning to compact into bales; paper, cardboard or even garden waste and the amount more or less that you need to bale and how frequently. Armed with this information, the dealer will be able to help you make the right choice.

Can you hook up the compactor to your electricity supply?

This is a good question to ask and you should check the options with any compactor equipment you are planning to buy. Most of the compactors use a 115/230V single phase motors or 208/460V three phase motors; both of which are able to be used with an electric power supply. Some of the best compactor suppliers also offer a 50HZ international compatible installation.

How good is the replacement parts supply from the dealer?

Make sure that you do ask this question as you need to know if you can buy spare parts easily and quickly because you don’t want your compactor sitting idle when you need to put it to work. Make sure you ask the dealer about the replacement parts supply time for each of the compactors that you are considering as their response should really make a difference to your choice of the compactor that you plan to buy. If immediate replacement parts need to be available because compacting is part of your business rather than something that you do on your spare weekends, you need to understand the options.

What can the compactor bale?

Well, one size does not fit all here. So, make sure you explain exactly what you want to compact to the dealer as this information is really important. Describe the types of material you are going to be working with, from aluminium to cardboard your requirements could be very different and the proposed compactor needs to be able to respond perfectly to your needs or application.

Don’t forget to ask for the accessories you may need

The best compactor dealers have a range of additional accessories that you may need. These can include hinged doors, chute doors, oil heaters and caster kits as well as wire guiding packs and filter options. In addition, don’t forget to ask the dealer to suggest any accessories that you may have overlooked.