Statistics show that most people will go through several lawn mowers in their lifetime, probably between six and eight depending on their changing situations. This is because there is always a new set of criterion to satisfy when purchasing them. This could be when you are moving, having a change in health or when the one you have is broken and needs replacement. Thus, by understanding these reasons, you can be able to determine which criteria are important to you making it much simpler to select the best one.

Moving house

This is one of the major reasons necessitating replacement and purchase of a lawn mower. If you are moving from a large to a small lawn, your ride-on lawn mower will obviously become redundant in your new garden. Additionally, having a push along cylinder mower just won’t cut it if you have an acre of lawn. If your garden is smaller compared to the other present features restricting movement of your large mower, then you will need a manual cylinder mower. Once you identify these space problems, you can be able to determine which size and type of mower you will need.

Faulty machinery


If your mower happens to be faulty, then you may want to repair it before purchasing a new one. For instance, if your mower has structural problems in the chassis or frame, or even engine issues, it might be more expensive repairing it than actually purchasing a new one.

Additionally, if your lawn mower needs frequent fixing, this is an indication that it is time to replace it. Good maintenance always ensures that these problems are avoided. This is because when those small and simple to fix repairs are overlooked, they can lead to reducing the lifespan of your mower and suck money from your pocket once they become bigger. Most of the mechanics can readily fix these engine issues. Therefore, you should ask your family and friends first in case they have encountered such a problem and have resolved it themselves. You should restrain yourself from immediately buying a new one that is similar to the one you have but rather do your research on the one which will suit lawn.

Health reasons

This is also one of the other main reasons necessitating a change. Since aging is inevitable, your physical strength will decrease and you will no longer be able to push your manual lawn mower around your garden. More so, if you do decide to use it, your slow pace will not yield good results.

Therefore, since pushing a petrol or electric lawn mower will be difficult, you may opt for a self-propelled or even probably robotic mower to enable you work efficiently.

Additionally, if you are looking to lose weight or increase your fitness levels, you might want to change your mower. In as much as pushing a heavy mower around the garden is not advisable for old people, it will be good if you are young and trying to stay fit because it requires a lot of stamina and exercise.

Thus, if you currently have a mower, you might want to consider changing it if the above factors apply to you. Ensuring that you always have the best lawnmowers in Perth will not only make life easier, but also ensure that you care for your garden well.