There are many types of lawnmowers in the market today that can be opted for, and that come with different kinds of tires. However, almost all types of riding lawnmowers basically come with one kind of tires. Other types of mowers come with different kinds of tires, and that can be valuable for use in different situations. Let’s have a look at the common types of mower tires.

Turf tires


These types of tires provide sufficient traction and leave a unique footprint on the turf. These tires include the square shoulder traction tread varieties that are commonly used as drive tires on lawn mowers. These generally have a more pronounced tread pattern that is set across its wider surface. This means that they leave a moderate footprint that may result in a bit of compacting and wear on the turf. These tires are ideal for use on highly trafficked surfaces, and are in most cases the perfect options for the average types of lawns.

The round shoulder rib thread type of turf tires on the other hand are exclusively used as front steering tires. They contain a thread line that runs around the tire rather than across it. This offers better guidance by keeping the tires from straying on a side-to-side basis.

The other category is the round shoulder traction thread that is mostly used as front or drive tires. They have a lesser pronounced thread compared to the square shoulder tires. This means that they have a slightly less traction and make less marking on the turf you are working on.

Smooth lawnmower tires

These lawnmower tires have a smooth contact surface, meaning that they are less likely to cause any damage to the turf. Smooth tires allow the lawnmower to glide over the surface without causing any damages. These are the perfect tires for mowing the uniform and undisturbed surfaces. They are quite common on lawnmowers that are used on golf courses as they allow the putting green to be mowed uniformly or without leaving marks on it or compressions that could change the path on a golf ball.

The problem with these kinds of tires is that they offer almost no traction, meaning that they cannot be used on steeper slopes. Slippery grass, loose dirt and mud also create a severe loss of traction where smooth tires are concerned.

Lug lawnmower tires

Lug tires have wide raised bars that run horizontally across their face or surfaces. The lugs vary greatly in depth, from extremely deep to shallow. These lugs help to provide traction by letting the tires to push against the turf. These types of tires are especially helpful in muddy, swampy and slippery areas. Apart from this, these tires are useful on steep slopes because they allow the mower to dig in and push up the sloping areas.

The main problem with these kinds of tires is that they dig deep into the ground causing a lot of damages to the turf. This makes them problematic when you need to work on a surface that requires to be left in a perfect condition.

All in all, selecting the right kind of a lawnmower tire to suit your kind of a surface or situation is something of a paramount importance as among other things, you will be using your selected tires for many years to come. So, it is recommended that you go for lawnmower tires that will satisfy most of your needs as this will be your best bet.