Owning generators has become more commonplace today than in the past. The need to use them either to power the house during a blackout or to have them ready in case of a disaster is very important. This added to the fact that they are powered by natural gas and instantly turn on within seconds of an outage, they are an essential part in the daily running of the home or business premises. To ensure the continued safe use of generators, it is thus important to observe a few tips.

Outdoor usage

Generators should be kept outside due to the toxic fumes they emit. This arises when they are stored in enclosed spaces without proper ventilation. Though at times installing a fan might seem like a good option, they usually do not provide enough flow of air to get rid of the fumes. In addition, they should not be used next to windows, crawl spaces or vents. It is important to allow 1.5m of clearance during run time so that there is adequate ventilation and safe operation.

Ensure it is elevated

Always ensure they are above ground level to avoid exposure to dust, moisture, dirt or corrosive vapor. This will ensure the lifespan is prolonged. It is also important to allow 1.5m of clearance during run time so that there is adequate ventilation and safe operation.

Proper tank filling

You should always consider the fuel expansion, which tends to occur when the tank is overfilled. At the same time, always wait until the generator has cooled down before adding fuel.

Ensure safe storage

It is mandatory to always ensure the generator is away from open flames, pilot light or sparks. These usually tend to lead to explosions if not fires. Thus, its location often determines the occurrence of problems that could be otherwise avoided.

Avoid direct wiring

Direct wiring of the generator to your business or to a regular plug point at times leads to fatal electric shocks and electrical device or terminal machine damage. Always opt to do separate wiring to avoid fatal injuries.

Professional installation

While you may be tempted into installing the generator, seeking a professional technician is advisable. This will lead to optimum function while minimizing electrocution and damage to electrical devices. You should also be aware that the law requires the installation to be done by a professional. At the same time, always ensure the generator is regularly serviced as per the owner’s manual for continued uninterrupted use.

Monitor the connections

The number of devices connected to a generator can also lead to an overload. If the devices connected exceed the output rating recommended, this can lead to its heating up and that can lead to other great disasters.

The safe use of generators necessitates that the owner is well aware of all the requirements that come with owning it. Great tragedies can be avoided when proper tips are followed. The list above is just but few of the things to be aware of to use the generator safely. So, for those already owning or intending to purchase a generator, always ensure to read the manual and follow the guidelines to the letter.